Teenage Zombie Vacation.

Roxy was in no particular hurry as she ambled along the road to her house. It was a warm Summer’s afternoon and  school was out. Lots of long lazy days stretched out ahead of her. She hummed a tune to herself as she texted her friend Laurie to see if she could come and spend the night. It was unusually quiet, but Roxy didn’t notice because she was concentrating on the phone in her hand. She was good a texting and had once won a competition for being so fast. She won a new iPhone, her favorite toy.

Zombie1Laurie texted back almost immediately “See you a three”.

“Awesome” Roxy texted back. Not paying attention to where she was going and totally unaware of what was shuffling its way towards her. When she finally looked up from her phone she squealed as something that barely resembled a man, lunged towards her. Roxy stepped to one side quickly avoiding being hit in the face. Her attacker lost his balance, but caught her left shoulder as he fell. “Ouch!. That hurt you old fool, what did you stick in me?” She asked as she tried to rub away the pain. Blood trickled down her arm “Gross. What did you do to me you pervert” she said looking down at him.

The only answer she got was a strange chomping sound as he banged his rotten teeth together. He had blood on his lips and gave her a crazy, demented look as he struggled to his feet.

Roxy ran home as fast as she could, scared and feeling very sick. As soon as she was safely in the house she washed her bleeding shoulder. Had he bitten her? It sure looked like teeth marks on her arm. She didn’t feel too good either. In fact she felt awful. She sank to the floor, her  back against the wall, and lost consciousness.


Laurie arrived at Roxy’s just before three o clock. “Roxy, Roxy, I’m early. Where are you? I have the my mum’s car. We can go anywhere, the tank is full of gas. Do you want to go to the mall? ROXY, where are you?”

The new Roxy crawled from her hiding place behind the door and sank her teeth into Laurie’s leg, the warm blood trickled down her chin. It felt good. Her friend looked down in disbelief and horror as she realized her best friend was trying to feast on her. She pulled away, but fell to the floor. Roxy was on top of her before she could get up. She prayed for death as darkness enveloped her.


Another different story for me. I have never written about zombies before. My stories are usually based on true paranormal experiences. These are fun. Maybe ROXY AND LAURIE can get into enough trouble as teenage Zombies, to warrant a book. 

Check out my first short story:

It is short, but taught me to write. ‘Dead of July’ will be released soon. Watch for it on Amazon and Smashwords. For updates sign p to the blog and Follow me on Facebook

I a going to be around for a while, and I love paranormal and horror stories, so follow me, I promise not to disappoint.


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