Luke – I love you!

Lucia lay in her coffin looking alive and beautiful. Was she really dead?  Friends and acquaintances passed by, smiling down at her resting body. “She looks alive” a college said. “She looks like she could talk to me”

Lucia indeed looked radiant in her coffin. She died at the young age of thirty from a brain tumor that had lurked in her head for years undetected.

Lucia found herself looking up into the dark blue eyes of Luke, her fiance of eight months. Wait a minute, why was she looking into his eyes, wasn’t she dead? “Hey Luke, don’t be sad, I’m here. They thought I was dead, but look, I’m not. Thank God! They made a mistake.”

Lucia sat up and kissed him on the lips. Luke wiped a tear from his eye and walked away. “Hey, wait for me, I’m here. Wait.” she said as she ran after him. Why didn’t he hear her?

They closed the lid on the casket. Lucia stood and watched confused.

coffinThe room was silent as Luke and his three brothers walked back into the room. She smiled as she always did when she saw them together. They were a handsome family.

The four of them picked up the coffin. “Hey guys, I’m here, there had been a mistake. HELLO!”

They lifted the coffin effortlessly. “There is nothing in there, that’s why it’s easy to lift” She thought.

Luke and the coffin bearers passed right through her. Lucia shivered and followed them outside as they walked the short distance from the funeral home to the freshly dug grave.

She stood next to her beloved Luke as her coffin was lowered into the ground. Why was she still here? Why was she watching?

Lucia felt herself fading as the first handful of dirt was thrown onto the coffin, and she heard the noise it made as though she were lying there in the silk lined darkness.

She put her arms around Luke and held him. He could smell the scent of her body, a smell he loved. He inhaled deeply closing his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. Luke’s mother squeezed his hand.

“She wouldn’t want you to be sad” she said.

Lucia was looking at Luke from a long way off now, looking down a tunnel at him, watching him throw a single rose into the grave.

“Luke, I love you” she whispered.

“Lucia, I will never forget you.” he said and then turned away, unable to look as the earth covered her.

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