Eyes on Annie

It had been a hell of a day at work and Annie wasn’t in the mood for shopping, all she wanted to do was go home and open a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows. She paid for her groceries and pushed her cart towards the exit, past the cardboard cut out of ‘Bob’, the man selling air conditioning, or kitchen cupboards. Whatever he was selling, she didn’t want to buy it. Cardboard ‘Bob’s eyes followed her, which gave her the creeps. She tried not to look at him.


It was dark when she left the store and thunder clouds were gathering in the east. Distant lightning flashed across the sky. Annie packed her trunk with shopping and set off home. Storm clouds gathered, hovering over her. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Annie’s cell phone rang. “Hello.” she was greeted by nothing but static, the storm most likely blocking the signal. “Hello.”

Still nothing. Annie put the phone down and concentrated on driving, the rain now falling in torrents. She wished she wasn’t going home to an empty house.

Lightning flashed again as she looked in her rearview mirror.

The eyes of the cardboard man from the store looked back at her, only this time they had taken a human form. Annie screamed and went into a skid. In vain she tried to control her car. It was impossible, the road was wet and she slid into the ditch. Even with her seat belt fastened, she was tossed around like a doll. When the car came to a halt, Annie’s tried to unfasten her seatbelt and get out of the car. It was fastened tightly, and wouldn’t budge.

“Help, Help” she screamed to no one.

She was a prisoner, tied to her seat and praying for another car to pass by. None did!

Annie was afraid to look in the rearview mirror for fear of what she would see.

The storm raged all night.

When they found Annie’s car the following morning, she was nowhere to be seen. There was no blood in the car and nothing to indicate she had been hurt. The seatbelt was still firmly fastened. Annie’s purse was on the passenger seat, and her groceries in the trunk. Annie was never found.

The following day a young girl went shopping in her local supermarket, as she walked past the cardboard man, she looked away. He was creepy.


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