First Day at Work – A Nightmare?

Mattie walked across the bridge, a spring in her step and a smile on her face. She was 23 and it was her first day in a real job after leaving college. For the first time in her life she was paying her own way. She had a nice studio flat, which she shared with a kitten called Kat. She was her own person, making her own way in life, and she was excited. Eventually Mattie would buy a car, but for now, she took the train to work.

She crossed the bridge with hundreds of other commuters on their way to work, blending in, becoming part of the crowd.  Blending felt good. She looked over the wall and down to the dark murky water of the river Thames. It always scared her a little, it looked so deep, so unforgiving. Mattie shook those thoughts from her mind and walked a little faster, wanting to get away from the river.

Walking became difficult. The sidewalk had turned to quicksand, sucking her feet deeper with every step she took.

“Keep walking, keep walking.” she said to herself as she struggled to move. “Somebody please help me” she said, but no one was listening. The crowd of commuters were gone, so were the cars. Mattie looked down into the murky Thames again, tears streaming down her face as she saw herself, in the water, white and pale. “No this can’t be happening” she cried. “I must be dreaming.”

She tried to gain momentum, perspiration breaking out on her forehead as she tried to wrench her feet from the sticky pavement. “Won’t someone please help me?” she cried.

No one answered.

She felt herself sinking, deeper into the quicksand, falling through the bridge and into the water below. Her consciousness was fading. The cold murky waters of the Thames enveloped her………….


An alarm clock went off, it was time for Mattie to get out of bed. It was her first day at work. Why wasn’t she excited about it?

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