Halloween Folk – (Part 2)

Jane had nightmares all night after ‘Trick or Treating’ and only settled when she was snuggled up in bed with her mother. Susie didn’t mind one bit. Kids grew up quickly. Snuggling was nice. They woke up to a bright cold morning. The sky was blue, but the ground was white with a thick blanket of snow. No one made pancakes like grandma, and Jane ate a hearty breakfast before going out into the snow with her grandpa.She ran around the big back yard making fresh footprints and snow angels.

Susie sat in the kitchen with her mother, enjoying the smells she remembered from her childhood. It felt good.

“Did you enjoy trick or treating last night honey?” Susie’s mother asked. “Jane didn’t talk about it, she didn’t seem very excited. Was everything alright?”

“Yes” Susie answered “Everything was fine, but Jane didn’t like the Rutter’s house so much. It was just like I remembered it though”

Susie’s mother stopped what she was doing and turned around. “The Rutter’s house. Why would you go there? They died five years ago, witin weeks of each other,  the place is ready to fall down”

“Don’t be silly” Susie laughed “I took photos, nothing changed”

“You must have gone to a different house. The Rutter’s are buried in the cemetery, I can show you”

Susie went and got her camera and her laptop. She took out the memory card and downloaded the photos.

“There must be something wrong” she said weakly as she looked at the photographs of an old ruined house. There were no children in sight and certainly no old couple handing out candy.

Her mother came and looked over her shoulder. “Why did you take a photograph of that old place? They say it’s haunted. You shouldn’t have taken Jane there, no wonder she had nightmares”

Susie watched her daughter walking across the field, happily talking to her grandpa. She had known there was something wrong with the Rutter’s house, she felt it. Susie would pay more attention to her daughter in future. She looked at the photo once more before deleting it. Some things were better forgotten.

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