All about the Girl – Sandra Thompson

Welcome to my blog. If you have visited before, you will know that I write short ghost stories, which have more truth to them than I care to think about. I am never alone, and constantly talk to my late mother. I don’t see here, but I know she is here.

Hi Mum!

My first published short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is a tribute to my mother. She struggled to raise me and gave me all she could afford, Being a single mum was tough in the sixties, but it made us very close. I have many stories to tell about how we struggled. One day, when the time is right, I may share them.

‘Girl on the Beach’ is about the vacation I spent with my mother in Blackpool. When I talk about my mum ‘putting her face on’ it brings tears to my eyes. I remember watching her as she sat at the dressing table and carefully applied her make-up. She was beautiful without it.

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)






My second short story, is actually the first one I wrote. ‘Guy at the Bar’ is about my life as a troubled teen who lived in a small village in North Yorkshire. It is also about the relationship with my stepfather, who was a good man and tried hard to win my trust and affection. I resented him for a long time, not because he wasn’t my ‘real dad’ but because I was jealous of the attention my mother gave him. My stepfather was good to me and eventually we got along. ‘Guy at the Bar’ reflects our relationship and how patient he was.

Both stories have a ghostly, paranormal and mystical thread running through them, as does my life.

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK


‘Dead of July’ is my first full length novel and I am proud of this book. It is currently with my editor and will be published in March of 2013. ‘Dead of July’ is about a young lady who lives with her British Military husband in Dortmund, Germany. She really does get herself into trouble. As well as the ‘usual suspects’ from beyond the grave, she also manages to get entangled with the Russian Mafia.

As I wait for ‘Dead of July’ to be edited I am working on my fourth book, ‘September Souls’, which was started in 1940 by my stepfather. He started writing ‘September Souls’ whilst serving in the army in the World War II and unfortunate enough to be in London during the Blitz. Fearing he may die, he mailed the first couple of chapters of this story to his father. These chapters lay in a drawer, forgotten, until after my dad died. When I found them, I cried, but knew I had to finish the story in his honor.

It is tough to finish something that was started over seventy years ago, but I want to make him proud. I believe that with the help of my wonderful editor, Amy Eye, I will.

So now you know about me. If you like you can Follow me on Facebook

As well as this blog I have a very humble website Words From Beyond

I love photography and travelling. You can follow my adventures, photographs and general ramblings on Travel Tales and Mishaps

I hope you feel like you know me now. Yes, I do still have premonitions, usually when I am least expecting them. I also have dreams that quite often come true. I have been excited about something for quite some time now. Maybe it is my upcoming novel, but I know something really good is going to happen soon.

It helps to know the author of the book you are reading. I feel like Stephen King is an old friend, even though I have never met him.

Thanks for stopping by.


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