All Night Long

This wasn’t just your regular circus. There was no orchestra, no speakers pumping out music, but the big top was alive with sounds. All night long, I sat and watched, barely able to comprehend what was happening in front of me.  Was I dreaming, hallucinating or dead? In real life these people didn’t exist?

The first act could only be a supernatural being. The sad shape of a man floated through the air in front of my eyes. His aura made me want to cry. There was no trickery. The way he was moving was unexplainable and then, in a puff of smoke, he was gone.

There were Vampires too, not just people dressed in capes with false dentures. Although I didn’t feel threatened, I hoped they didn’t come too close. They introduced themselves as Nosferatu and were graceful and terrible as they danced before me. A beautiful pale ghost joined them, she had no blood to offer but danced their dance, passing through them gracefully.

Bernard’s alien bride swallowed fire and breathed out smoke and flames, creating a nebulous work of art that was there for a few seconds and then no more.

The little people and the clowns jumped and somersaulted through the audience, lightening the atmosphere between acts. Snake Girl walked the isles, spitting, hissing and scaring people half to death. The bearded lady appeared, her beard almost touching the floor.

Spectres of all shapes and sizes visited performed and floated among us. I daren’t look too closely at the audience knowing I was the odd one out. Those who were human looked like the living dead. Deformed and half crazed. Where was I?

I was both terrified and fascinated.

I heard the roaring and revving of engines behind me as without warning six powerful, shiny motorcycles sped by. They were ridden by metallic beings. As they sped down the aisle towards the center, three of them launched themselves in the air and proceeded to ride, in formation above us, fires spewing from their exhaust pipes.

When they left the tent, there was silence. No one shouted or applauded. I looked around me at the stillness. I was uncomfortable and felt that something was about to happen, and it may not be good.

Bernard was hurrying towards me so I stood up. He scooped me into his arms as he passed by. “Come on, time for you to leave” he said in a kid of whispered grow. I could hear an engine start-up outside and I was placed gently onto the back of the motorcycle. Jack was standing at the other side. He gave me a big kiss on my cheek. “Bye Poppy” he said and gave me a sad clown look. I had no time to speak as the motorcycle sped away. I looked behind me to see the tent fading away as thought it had never been there. My strange friends were fading too. I clung to the metallic rider and closed my eyes. I heard the sound of the engine no more as we left the earth and headed into the night. Did I sleep?

I found myself outside the front door of my own home and other than the sound of the birds awaking from their night-time slumber, it was silent. The sun was starting to cast its weak morning glow. I looked all around me and then to the sky, there was no sight nor sound of my ride home.

I quietly crept into the house, silently and carefully I climbed the stairs.  Once safely in my own bedroom, I slipped off my clothes and got into bed. Where had I been? I knew it wasn’t a dream, because I was still awake.

Maybe there were more dimensions to our world, and I had been a guest in one of them.

Exhausted, but safe in my own bed, I slept.


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