The Craziest show on Earth

I was hypnotized by the scene in front of me, especially the big tent. It was brightly lit and although the curtains in the entrance were closed, I could see the silhouette of shapes diving, falling, flying and jumping. Some were large and some small and some were definitely not human. From the outside, it looked like a crazy goldfish bowl full alien fish.

Bernard touched me on the shoulder, making me jump. He laughed and ushered me forward. “Let me take you inside as my guest. Not many people get to see the show before it is ready. In fact not many people get to see this show at all. It is by ‘Invitation Ony’ and I am inviting you”

I looked towards the doorway, a little worried, wondering what I would see in there. “Is it OK? Will I be safe? I asked. “I don’t want to go in if I’m not welcome”

It was useless to object because I was already at the entrance. I hadn’t even been aware of my legs moving to walk. Everything was surreal. Was I dreaming?

I sat down on a stool just inside the door, not daring to go any further. I was overwhelmed with the lights, the noise and the characters that were practising their acts in front of me. This was not any type of circus I had seen before.

“Bernie, Bernie, I am so happy to see you” I turned around to see what can only be described as a small alien. “Mortag my dear, how I have missed you” Bernard replied as he picked her up and kissed her passionately. When they eventually came up for air Bernard introduced me. “This is my friend Poppy, she got the wrong bus home. Poppy, this is Mortag, my wife. I haven’t seen her in so long because she has been visiting her family on the planet Zyron”

“Pleased to meet you” I heard myself say weakly as I watched them walk down to the circus ring. Bernard was almost seven fee, and Mortag was barely four. I had to be dreaming.

Jack reappeared and sat next to me. His face was freshly painted and he was twitching with excitement. “Isn’t it fun, I love this show. I hope they pick me”

I sat stunned, not knowing what to say or what to think, just watching in awe as the strangest people I have ever seen warmed up to perform.

“Are you going to stay and watch me?” Jack asked

“Yes of course I am. Looking forward to it too” I answered.

Did I have a choice? I had no idea where I was and no clue how I was going to get home.

I knew I was about to witness something I had never seen before and would most likely never see again. I was a little scared.

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