Thankfully Snake Girl fell asleep on the back seat. The hissing ceased. Jack dozed next to me, his head bobbing up and down like a beach ball on the water. Bernard took out a book from his oversized pocket and started reading it. I strained my eyes to see what he was reading. It was Dennis Wheatley ‘The Devil Rides Out’. He looked absorbed, and I hated to disturb him, but I had questions and Bernard was the most likely person to have answers.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before the words left my mouth, the bus stopped again. Bernard put down his book. We both looked at the front of the bus to see who the next passenger would be.

It was a man, no it was a woman, a woman with a healthy beard. 

She had a beautiful voluptuous body donned in a dress that belonged to another century. She looked coyly at Hitler, who openly flirted with her. She was a beautiful feminine woman, apart from her beard and moustache.

“It’s Angelica” Bernard said.

“She shaves three times a day, but she still can’t get rid of her beard”

“A bearded woman. Am I at the circus?” I asked no one in particular.

“You really need to ask. Hello, I’m a clown.”

Bernard carried on reading while I watched fascinated as Angelica and Hitler proceeded to flirt with each other as the bus rumbled through the darkness. I was beginning to think someone had slipped some LSD into one of my drinks, this had to be a hallucination.

Distracted by his girlfriend, Hitler almost missed the next stop, and slammed on the breaks, waking up Snake Girl, knocking her to the floor. She hissed and spat, waking up Jack, who clung to me terrified. He was almost on my lap he was so scared. 

She glared at us venomously, before slithering back onto the seat. Bernard kept reading. It was a noisy crowd that climbed the steps. 

Although the four identical dwarfs were the most normal of my traveling companions, they were the ones who scared me the most. I had an aversion to little people, I couldn’t help it. Someone told me it was called achondroplasiaphobia. I felt awful about it, but midget’s scared me and I couldn’t help it.

I made myself as small as I could, not hoping to fit in with them, just hoping to disappear. “Boys” Jack shouted and they little people walked to the back of the bus to join us. They were friendly, the were happy, they were talkative, and I was terrified


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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

I am a new independent author and the books above are my first short stories. They aren’t perfect, but they got me hooked. My first novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released in March 2013. I loved writing this book. It is currently with my author Amy Eye. Amy has turned my novel into something I am proud of and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

(Preview) Dead of July

(Preview) Girl on the Beach

(Preview) Guy at the Bar




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