Bus ride or FREAK SHOW?

I was the only passenger on the bus and was more than a little worried. My driver looked like Adolf Hitler and was driving at what felt like the speed of light. Not sure what to do, I clung on to the seat in front of me and prayed. It didn’t work. Was this the midnight express to hell?


I heard a noise from above me and watched the roof peel away to reveal a terrible sky. A sky that looked like an evil face grinning down at me with a mouth that could open at any moment and swallow me whole.

Were we flying or was the sky bearing down on me?

I crouched on the floor between the seats and made myself as small as I could. Like an ostrich hiding its head, I hoped I had become invisible.

Low laughter rumbled in the clouds, mocking me. The bus stopped abruptly and I heard the doors open! Frozen with fear I remained on the floor awaiting my fate.

The bus pulled away again. Heavy footsteps slowly approached my hiding place.

Something touched my shoulder. I daren’t look. I could feel warm breath on the back of my neck. My imagination was on overdrive as I expected the worst.

“The Circus is in town” said a voice close to my ear.


I looked up to see a clown looking down at me. I screamed! I hated clowns.

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