The Office at Night (Part two)

I pushed the open the double doors and walked through, not sure what to expect, and certainly not prepared for what lay in front of me. Instead of a room full of servers, printers and computer screens I looked around at a tranquil, comfortable bedroom.

It was cool and dark. The only light was from a couple of candles on the dresser. There were no windows, and the walls were solid stone. It was much smaller than the room I expected to find myself in. The crisp covers on the comfortable bed beckoned me. I rubbed my eyes and willed myself to wake up, for surely I had to be dreaming.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland, expecting the Cheshire cat to appear. Everything was still and quiet. I rubbed my eyes and yes, actually pinched myself. It made no difference, I was still in a cool, dark, candle lit bedroom. A bedroom that looked like it belonged in the 19th century or earlier.

I backed up a couple of steps, expecting the double doors to open behind me, but I backed up to solid wood. It didn’t budge. When I turned around I found that the double doors had been replaced by a large solid oak door. The brass handle turned easily and the door opened noiselessly. I gave a sigh of relief, fearing it may be locked.

Why didn’t I wake up? Almost hypnotized, I walked through another door and into the stairway. A stairway that normally led to up to a glass window where the public came to pay their rent. There was no glass window. It had been replaced by a rather nice looking entrance hall with chairs and small tables lit by oil lamps. The whole building was quiet and foreboding.

The huge front door was painted green and so big it looked like it would be difficult and heavy to open. I approached it cautiously, eager to leave my unstable surroundings and go home.

I grasped the handle and felt energy pulse through my fingers and up my arm as I pulled the door towards me. It opened silently and I stepped outside, and into another century. Everything had changed.

To be continued………….


I love writing short stories, and blogging helps perfect my skill. Every story I write is based on real places and things that happened to me. I love sharing these stories with you, so please enjoy them.

I have published two short stories, which are available on Amazon. They aren’t perfect, but I have received may good reviews, which encouraged me to write my first novel ‘Dead of July’, which should be released later this year. It is currently with my fabulous editor.

You can purchase my two short stories from the links below. One day, when I am famous, you can tell everyone you knew me when……

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