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As I wondered what to blog about on this sunny Sunday morning,  I looked through my files for inspiration. Look what I found. 

I launched my first short story a little over a year ago. I was proud of my book, but also a little naive. This modest short story could have been better edited, but I was still learning the ropes. Editing is the MOST important part of being a writer, I know that now. 

Below are just a few of the wonderful reviews I received on Amazon. I thank these lovely readers for taking the time to write these reviews. Their kind words gave me encouragement and I am now in the process of having my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ professionally edited.  It will be released later this year.

The following reviews were kindly written about my first short story ‘Girl on the Beach’

1.     This is a pleasant journey through a few ordinary days with a not-so-ordinary 7-year-old girl. It starts with an unusual incident she has on a beach during her last day of summer vacation, and you spend the rest of the book waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it does, towards the end, you won’t necessarily be surprised but it is very well done and will leave you feeling satisfied with the hour you’ve spent listening to her tell you her tale.

M. Weisbeck – Blackhawk

2.     A good story, told very well. Sort of a ghost story, without being macabre or creepy. As another reviewer mentioned, you can see early on what’s going to happen, but you don’t mind because it is so well-crafted and paints such a vivid picture of the author’s childhood. I highly recommend it.


3.     I really enjoyed this story, its supernatural feel, its sense of mood and foreboding, and I loved this special little girl who broke my heart. I really felt I got to know Sheila, everything about her, and I found her charming and endearing. The author completely put me into the mindset of this seven-year-old child. And several times, Sheila actually had me tearing up. I knew what she would soon be facing, and it’s always heartbreaking to see a small child face tragedy.

This story is written in such a gentle and natural way, every word smoothly and easily flowing to the next, never sounding forced or hurried. With well-chosen words, this author made me a picture of summer and sand and of a little girl so happy on her holiday. The author then breaks this idyll with feelings of dread, juxtaposing the brightness of summer with the dark foreboding of death.

Told in first-person from Sheila’s point of view, this story is well-written and thoughtful, with the author showing and never telling the story, allowing the reader to experience all that Sheila feels. And you will feel many different emotions, from sadness to happiness, from dread to hope. Even suspecting the outcome of the story, I still felt the chilling beauty of it.

S. Richards – Deep South

4.     This is a very short book and it isn’t so complicated you won’t be able to pick it up and put it down frequently without losing track of what is going on in the story. I wouldn’t call it a thriller or a mystery or a horror story, I am not sure what genre this has been placed in but it’s just a nice little story.

I think what I enjoyed most about it was that it was written from the point of view of the little girl. I enjoyed seeing things through her eyes. It was descriptive and simple but effective.

SurprisingWoman Utah

5.     This short little book was very enjoyable. A seven-year old girl narrates the story of her vacation to Blackpool. The Amazon book summary may give you a different impression. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a tragedy that was dark and depressing or a mystery… It deals a bit with the subject of death and souls, but I viewed that as a secondary storyline. The main part was more a story of a young Irish girl and her mother during a brief part of her life. It has parts that were touching and others that were funny. All told, the author allows you a glimpse into her life, both her joys and her difficulties. 

One review gave it 1 star saying it was too easy to figure out what was going on. I don’t think this book is meant to be a mystery. I recommend reading it for the story and let it unfold naturally.

Kindle Reader 7

6.     This was a book that I couldn’t put down. It kept me in suspense. I loved the main character and the supporting characters as well. I guess the little girl had a special gift and she could see deceased people and have premonitions. I really enjoyed it!


7.     I really liked this story. It was well written and even though I knew pretty early on what was going to happen, I still couldn’t put it down.


8.     This was a well written short read. With the author’s power of description, I felt as if I was there. Good characters, good atmosphere and just the right length. If you want a well written short read, I recommend this.

Lucy PA

Below are links to my two short stories as well as previews. You can also  Follow me on Facebook  for updates.

(Preview) Dead of July

(Preview) Girl on the Beach

(Preview) Guy at the Bar

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK


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