Ghosts from my youth – Tan Hill – North Yorkshire

Tan Hill Pub. A place I visited in my youth.

Tan Hill was a short drive from where I lived in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire.

On the Pennine Way, Tan Hill was loved by hikers too!

It was in the middle of nowhere and a very spooky place. The food was great, but the atmosphere was better. It was haunted, no question about it. We scared ourselves to death on the way there and on the way back. Whilst in the pub at Tan Hill, we were always high on adrenalin (and Merrydown Cider or Old Peculiar), expecting a ghost to appear at any moment. It was charged with energy of a different kind. I loved visiting Tan Hill.


Jan 11, 2010

SPOOKED-OUT staff and drinkers say spirits of a different kind have appeared in an isolated pub.
People who work at the Tan Hill Inn – the highest pub in England – have reported ghostly strange goings-on inside the building.
Ghost sightings have led to a team of ghost investigators making a film at the pub, which sits on a windswept moor near Bowes at 1732ft above sea level.
And Angie McKinnell, manager of the Inn, says customers are now reporting unexplained smells of smoke inside.
“The customers often smell smoke and we just can’t explain it. It’s very strange and it’s been happening for quite a while now,” Ms McKinnell said.
Staff claim that they can smell it near kitchen, outside the toilets, near the cellar and in a rear passageway.
“It smells like pipe tobacco and I’m sure you can’t buy anything like it now. It happens inside the pub and it’s definitely not cigarette smoke from customers.”
Ms McKinnell said the smoke may be connected with the story of three drovers who used to smoke heavily in the shelter of the pub’s walls several hundred years ago.
The manager added that ghost of a boy often appears in the bunkrooms.
“I’ve seen him twice and he wears a brown jacket and shorts. He looks as if he has been caught out and just stares back before disappearing. There’s definite eye contact,” she said.
Ellie Chadwick, who works at Tan Hill, also described seeing a mysterious figure nearby while she packing boxes outside the pub, before he too disappeared.
“He was just watching what I was doing. I even spoke to him,” she said.
The team of paranormal investigators visited the pub in the autumn and made a documentary about the ghoulish activities at Tan Hill. To see it,
visit video sharing website YouTube.
Have you seen anything spooky at the Tan Hill Inn? Write to the Mercury at the usual address, or email
I was always attracted to places like this, probably because I was sensetive to the residents that many people didn’t see. Its’s hardly surprising that I started to write stories about my youth, and the things that happened to me. Check out my first to short stories. 

My first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released later this year. This is an unedited preview  (Preview) Dead of July

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