In 1982 DEAD MEN DON’T WEAR PLAID and the PC ruled!

In this author's humble opinion, the last truly great Brazil team. The flair and sexiness of their play was orgasmic. Their haircuts and facial hair, not so much.
I’ve watched football (soccer) for almost 30 years. My first real exposure to world football was the 1982 World Cup, the one everyone thought Brazil would win, and I watched with the eyes of an awestruck 6-year-old. The beauty and skill on display was magical and I was hooked.

My upcoming novel ‘Dead of July’ talks about the 1982 FIFA World Cup a great deal so when I found this article about the amazing 1982 Brazilian World Cup Squad, I had to share it with you. These boys were a huge part of the atmosphere in 1982. Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France and of course Germany were all strong contenders.

This clip was taken from a blog called ‘The Shin Guardian’ and of course is about football, or soccer as it is known in the US.


Steve Martin kept us all amused in 1982. Some things don't change.













Georgia Armani made a pretty big splash in the fashion world in 1982.

I didn’t have the money for genuine Armani, but did my best to copy the style.


And last, but not least.

Dec. 26, 1982: Time‘s Top Man?

The Personal Computer

Yup, the computer beat a living breathing sad!









Did this bring back memories of the eighties? I hope so! It will help set the stage for my novel ‘Dead of July’ which is currently with my editor, and will be released in Summer. 

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