The Ghosts in my life!

In February 2009 I started ‘Words from Beyond’. It is my ‘Ghost’ blog. I have covered many things in my ramblings, but it all started because of my Ghost Stories.

Today I am thinking about those who passed a little more than normal because the anniversary of my mother’s death is approaching. My mum died in April 2002. I never made it to her bedside before she passed away. Had I taken a flight from Denver a day earlier I may have made it in time to say goodbye, but I doubt it.

My mum raised me on her own after fleeing her violent husband. We were very close and I think she waited until I was ‘in England’ before she took her last breath. I was in London spending the night with friends before catching the train to Darlington. It would have been nice to say goodbye to my mum, but it was time for her to go. She felt me close and that was enough. She wasn’t alone. My sister-in-law, who was very close to her and had cared for her, was with her when she left this world.

Phoebe Ethel Newman (first marriage Rutherford, maiden name Hobson) loved her garden flowers.














These flowers were among my mum’s favorites.

My dad died in 1988 around easter time. I never made it back home to say goodbye to him either. My mum had been trying to call me all day to let me know my dad had passed away, but I wasn’t home. It was before the time of cell phones, so by the time she reached me she had been suffering the burden of my dad’s death for hours.

My mum came and stayed with us after he died and she felt his presence in our house, a house he had never visited. She would be awoken in the night by the sound of a telephone ringing, a sound only heard by mum. When she answered the phone there was a lot of static before anyone spoke and then my dad’s voice was there.

“I’m OK Ethel” he would say.

It made my mum feel better, which made me feel better too.

I sit and talk to my mum and dad often, especially at this time of the year. They don’t reply of course, but they hear me and they help me and I know they are together.

How do I remember my dad? With a smile on his face!

I write about the ghosts I saw as a child, and my crazy premonitions. I am working on a book right now, which is called ‘Dead of July’.

It is in the editing stage. Once it is finished and published I am going to finish a book started by my dad ‘George Wilfred Newman’. It is a book he started writing in WWII. It’s a love story set in the London Blitz. It’s going to be a tough one for me, but I am dedicating it to my dad. I hope it makes him proud.

The first two books I ‘cut my teeth on’ are short stories set in the north of England. They are both short ghost stories about a young girl who has premonitions and how it changes her life. You will read about my mum and dad in these books too. It gave me a chance to bring them back to life for a while. Give them a try.


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3 thoughts on “The Ghosts in my life!

  1. It made me feel so comforted reading this, Grandad ‘Wolf’ as we used to call him, he treat us as his ‘own’ grandchildren and viceversa.

    We are obviously a very Spiritually connected family, I saw Gran once in a meditation, she was sitting on a rock in a sort of sunken grassy area amongst rock wall surrounding it, with a huge family around her, ‘our family’ some I recognised, some I didnt. But they all knew me, they as Gran did just popped into to say hello and let me know they were like my Guardians, keeping me safe and would be there to welcome me when I go home, it was so calming and beautiful, and your post made me remember this with that same feeling.

    Its not often, real life, down to earth people, share what you are sharing, your real true life ghostly encounters and communications from the ‘other side’ offering it to all for a fraction of the price that psychic mediums do for half an hours consultation!!! AND alot more content!!!!

    Brings hope and explanations to us all.

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