Ghosts – Indie Writers and Editing!

I am an oddball. Eccentric, crazy, no one ever knows just what I am going to say next, but they don’t mind. I am who I am. I won’t offend with my comments, but I do say what I think. Been that way all my life.

I have seen ghosts and had premonitions all my life too, which is why I started to write about them. The introduction of E-books made this much easier for me, and I published two short stories on Amazon in 2010. I also used ‘Create Space’ to publish in print. I was extremely proud of myself.

Guy at the Bar Amazon Guy at the Bar Amazon UK













My dear friend Roberta held a book launch party for me, and I talked about writing and autographed copies of my books. It felt great.

On Amazon, I got some fabulous reviews for these books, and a couple that weren’t so good, but I was happy.

No one ever commented on my editing (copy or content), but when I went back and re-read these books, I cringed.

I did work with an editor,  and she tried to guide me and give me advice, but I was impatient and rushed these books out. I think in the end she threw her hands in the air and gave up.

Don’t get me wrong the editing isn’t awful, but if I ever re-publish them, I will make changes.

For the last eighteen months I have been writing a story called ‘Dead of July’. 

I did not rush this book to my editor when I finished it. Instead I re-read it, and in some chapters, re-wrote it. When I was as satisfied as I coud be with the end result I sent it to Amy, who is my new editor, and working hard to guide me through the process.

On Monday she returned Chapter One with her edits. My first instinct was to rush through and make changes as  quickly as I could and get it back to her, but I didn’t. Instead I took my time. I read and digested her advice and comments and then acted on them. It may take another two or three edits on this chapter alone before I am satisfied with it, but that’s OK. To keep my readers happy, I have to be satisfied with the book I want them to buy.

If you want to follow my journey, and see my stories as the evolve, follow my blog, or

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‘Dead of July’, is my first full length novel and will be released in late summer.


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