Do you remember these fashions and hairstyles?  I didn’t until I found this archived copy of  People Magazine.  Wow, how things change. Weren’t these fun and exciting times! It makes me want to dig through my old photo albums. I thought I would attach this photo to set the mood for the second installment of my story.  I daren’t make these installments too big as I am still writing this one, as well as working on the launch of ‘Girl on the Beach’ which hopefully will be available electronically and hard copy soon.  Enjoy this next instalment, no ghosts or drama yet, just a young girl living in a foreign country.


Anyway, enough of that, I will tug at your memories even more as this story progresses, well some of your memories.  Most of you probably weren’t around in the early eighties……if you weren’t, you missed a lot! Back…

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