‘Dead of July’ My German Ghost Story

I can’t believe it, but I have finally finished writing and re-writing my novel. Now it is time to send it to my editor ‘Amy’.

I have written 158 pages, which I believe in book terms is around twice that amount, and around 95000 words. This book has taken me a little over a year to write, and went in a completely different direction than planned. My fingers could barely keep up with my brain as this story progressed. It is a little different from my previous short stories, a little more exciting.

I can’t wait to launch this book, but I have a long way to go yet. I will read it once more, after the editor makes her changes. I believe I have picked an editor who understands me, and my character, so the finished book should shine.

Crazy as it sounds, I am picking characters for ‘Dead of July’ the movie. Not totally sure who could play Sheila, she is a bit of a character, but Vin Diesel could definitely be Les.

Hey, I can dream right? I love this story, and I know you will love it too.

‘The flames started to attract a crowd, even though the house stood alone in the countryside the fire would be visible for miles. The police made everyone keep their distance. There was a huge explosion, followed by dozens of smaller ones. It sounded like machine guns from within the fire. Even the firefighters had to pull back.’ 

My first two books are available on Amazon. They are short stories, just the right length for your average flight within the US. They are light reading and have had some great reviews.

‘Dead of July’ is my first novel, and in my eyes a masterpiece. A slightly amusing and quite believable  ghost story. For more information you can Follow me on Facebook

You can ‘borrow’ or purchase my two e-books from the links below:


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