The Ghost!

As I finish writing my novel, which is set in Germany in 1982, I remember the New Years Eve Ghost. It was the first visitation we had experienced since leaving England. We thought we had left our Ghost behind in our old house in Dorset, as almost eight months had passed with no sign of it.

Not that we ever saw our ghost, not really. What we normally saw was a shadow, or something out of the corner of our eye. When we tried to get a good look at what ever it was, it was gone. It moved things around, knocked things over, hid things, and tormented our neighbors if they were house sitting for us. Our visitor appeared once every couple of months, and really didn’t bother us at all once we got used to it. I don’t believe it meant us any harm, in fact sometimes it seemed to be looking out for us.

I was getting ready to go out and celebrate the New Year. We were meeting friends for drinks and then going to a club. I was already showered and dressed, and was adding some finishing touches to my make up. I was enjoying a glass of red wine, my first drink of the evening. The glass was standing on my dressing table, a flat surface, with nothing at all near it. I stood back to look at myself in the mirror.

Something caught my attention, it was my wine glass. I seemed to shiver ever so slightly for no reason. It shivered and then it moved. The glass slid across the flat surface of my dressing table for about six inches, and then tumbled onto the floor.

I stood there looking at it amazed. Unless we had managed to attract a German spirit, our long time visitor had found us. My husband walked into the bedroom and looked at the wine spilled on the floor.

“It wasn’t me” I said

“Are you telling me we have ghosts again?” he asked jokingly.

I just smiled at him and said “Probably”, but he wasn’t listening. I guess he would find out for himself.

I have written a couple of short stories based on my visitations. You can find them by clicking on the links below. ‘Dead of July’ is my latest novel and it will be released in late Spring.

‘Dead of July’ is set in  Germany in 1982 and follows the experiences of a young Army Wife and her experiences with a rather nasty Russian family.

My first two short stories were a bit of an experiment to see if I could write. They are not perfect, but they are fun and got some great reviews on Amazon. ‘Dead of July’ is my first real novel, it took me a year to write and I think you will like it. Follow my Facebook page and my blog for updates. 


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