Dead of July – The Image.

Designing a book cover is hard. I am not an artist, which is why I have someone else put this together for me.

Mike Brooker is a fabulous artist, and somehow unravels the mess in my head and turns it into a book cover.

This image below is the second sketch, it needs one or two more tweaks, but it is certainly powerful.

Finishing a story is exciting. ‘Dead of July’ has taken me over a year to write, the hard part is done now. I have booked a slot with my editor, Amy, for April 8th. She will help my book to shine.

Now I have to decide whether to publish independently, or  go through an agent. Decisions, decisions.

I am expecting to launch my book sometime at the end of June and I am looking forward to it. Book launch parties are fun.













Mike Brooker also designed the covers for my first two books ‘Guy at the Bar’ and ‘Girl on the Beach’. Both books are available to purchase from Amazon.

Guy at the Bar Amazon Guy at the Bar Amazon UK
















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My first two short stories are set in North Yorkshire (Guy at the Bar) and Blackpool (Girl on the Beach).

‘Dead of July’ takes place in 1982 in West Germany. Yes in 1982 the Berlin wall still separated East and West Germany.


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