A Priest and a Photo Album

The photo album, which I had been looking at earlier and left on the sofa, seemed to have come to life. I gasped and grabbed the Priest’s arm. He stopped praying and looked at me, and then followed the direction of my eyes. He stared in disbelief at the big red photo album. It looked as though an invisible person was flipping through the pages. I looked at Captain Wright and he looked back at me. The heavy pages, which were crammed with photos, were turning at a rapidly increasing speed.

Did I need an exorcist?

Above is a  sneak preview of my upcoming novel ‘Dead of July’ which is almost finished.

Sheila is fighting with Russians, both dead and alive. She is in extreme danger and turns to a Priest for help. A Priest who doesn’t really believe she sees ghosts, until he tries to bless her house.

My two short stories, ‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ are available on Amazon. You can purchase a personalized copy of either of these books directly from my website Words from beyond for $6.

‘Dead of July’ will be for sale via Amazon in late Spring. I think you will enjoy it.



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