The Guardian Angel on the A2 in Kent

The A2 in Kent is a very busy road in the rush hour. My husband travelled that road five days a week from Chatham to his job at the Bank of England in London.

In the Winter he commuted by train, but in the Summer, he loved to ride his motorcycle to work.

England is a rainy place, even in the summer, but he always wore a waterproof, and usually came home quite dry. I used to laugh at him and say he looked like Darth Vader in his black motorcycle suit, black boots and black helmet, but I am very glad he wore it.

He came home one night and took me into the kitchen so he could talk to me out of earshot of our young daughter, he didn’t want to alarm her.

What he told me was horrifying.

He had been riding home in the rain when a careless driver hit his bike and knocked him off. As he hit the road he looked at the three lanes of traffic, all of which were travelling towards him at sixty miles an hour or faster and realized he could die.

To make matters worse, this ridiculous driver didn’t even stop. I have no idea how my husband survived, but he did, and lives to tell the tale. Luckily for him another driver witnessed what happened and got the number of the van that was involved, so the driver (who was driving on a suspended license) did get caught. I would have loved to get my hands on that man.  How could you knock someone off a motorcycle in the rain and leave them for dead? There are some strange people in this world.

A2 in Kent

The fact that my husband survived is nothing short of  a miracle. The thought of how this could have ended terrifies me.

This is yet another example of his Guardian Angel watching over him. Is it his mother? Who knows, I just know we are all very grateful he survived.



I have a theory about this Guardian Angel, which I will share with you later.

Share your Guardian Angel Stories with me if you have any.


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4 thoughts on “The Guardian Angel on the A2 in Kent

  1. I do believe if we ask, protection is there for us. I have just written a story, YA, called ‘Angels behind the Scenes.’ How wonderful that your husband survived!

    • Your story sounds interesting. Is it on Amazon? My husband has had a few ‘near misses’, but the way my daughter is protected is much more subtle. Its wild! Angels are around us.

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