Dead of July – Sneak Preview

What would  you do if you were held prisoner in a room that had turned icy cold by the spirit of an evil Russian, who meant you harm. 

What would you do if the person was holding you prisoner was his mother, a woman who held you responsible for his death? 



‘Dead of July’

“I know you are there. You can scare me, but you can’t hurt me” I said to the icy air.

It was so cold I could see my own breath.

As though to prove me wrong the door burst open and Marianne filled the doorway with a murderous look in her eyes and a long leather belt in her hand.

I heard that thick guttural laughter again.

Marianne heard it too and smiled as she wrapped the belt around her hand.

“Yes Viktor, I hear you”She said

The first lash hit me around the side of the head and I felt like she had burst my eardrum. The second lash was directed at my legs. Then I heard the air whistling just before the belt caught the other side of my face and I put my hands in front of me to ward off the fourth strike. Someone from downstairs called out Marianne’s name and saved me from being flayed alive. I know she would have beaten me to death had she not been interrupted. She snarled something at me and then turned around and left, slamming the door after her.

‘Dead of July’ will be released in the Spring!

I have two short stories currently available from Amazon. ‘Girl on the Beach’ is free in the US and ‘Guy at the Bar’ sells for $0.99, They are also available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.




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