Dead of July – Evil gave birth to evil.

Meet Viktor. Viktor is an Evil Russian.

In ‘Dead of July’ I refer to him as the ‘Evil Cossack’.

I have been writing ‘Dead of July’ for over a year, but now its finished. It’s time for the editor to do her magic.

The fabulous Mike Brooker is working on my book cover. In late Spring my book will be published. I hope you like it.

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Viktor’s mother (Marianne)

Marianne was sitting in the kitchen doorway with a glass in her hand. She  wore a long red velvet gown with a low neck. Her black hair, peppered with gray, was loose around her shoulders. She looked grotesque, but was enjoying hosting the awful event. She was clearly getting a huge thrill from the discomfort and fear of the young girl that was being paraded in front the captive audience.

As the young girl walked past Marianne, she grabbed her and forced to sit down on her lap. This caused the men to applaud. Tears rolled down the young girls face as Marianne spoke to her. She certainly would not be giving her motherly advice. She tore off her blouse and then pushed her back towards the leering drunken men.

This book will be available soon in late July.

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