The Guardian Angel

Although I appear very outgoing, I am really a bit of a loner.  Sometimes it makes me sad, but such is life. I often talk to my mum (who passed away back in 2002). I talk to her more now than I did when she was alive. I don’t see her when I talk to her. I don’t get any replies in my head, but I know she hears me and I know she helps.

Today I want to tell you about my husband’s ‘Guardian Angel’.

We lived in Worthy Down, which is a British Army camp in the south of England. My husband was in the Royal Army Pay Corps and often travelled into London to install computer systems in different Military establishments. Every morning he got the train to Waterloo. On December 12th 1988, he missed that train. I am very glad he did. Had he caught that train he would have been involved on one of the worst train crashes in British history.

Two commuter trains carrying an estimated 1,300 passengers between them collided shortly after 0800 GMT at Clapham Junction – Europe’s busiest railway junction. 

A third empty train later ran into the wreckage killing some passengers who had survived the first crash.

Now it could have been ‘luck’ that caused my husband to miss that train, but I doubt it. He was always on time, never missed anything. The train station was close to our home and the rural area we lived in had very little traffic. I think he  had a Guardian Angel looking out for him.

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