My Birthday Blog – Lets turn my luck around!

Birthday memories can be good and bad. I love to make other people’s Birthday’s special, but over the years I have started to dread mine….silly but here is why. It started in when I was a kid. Things were just ‘off’ on my birthday. One year, when I was nine, my mum even forgot my birthday. She was a single mum struggling to make ends meet, who could blame her? When she finally remembered she bought me a bicycle pump….I guess I needed one.

The first major catastrophe was in 1991 when the Americans launched a devastating air assault on Iraq and Kuwait. I know it needed to happen, but it scared me. I thought it meant the beginning of another world war. The air assault was on January 16, 1991. The day before my Birthday. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Not sure if it was the following year, but the next awful thing I heard about on my birthday
was the death of my husband’s aunt. Not sure if she died on January 17th, but that is when we got the phone call.

In 2003 I attended the funeral of my best friend’s husband on January 17th. It was an emotional
Military funeral. A wonderful memory of his life! 

So you see I am always a little apprehensive when my birthday rolls around.

I have had some wonderful birthday’s too, made special by my quirky husband and incredible daughter, so I am thinking positively from now on.

Fantastic people were born in January. David Bowie, Elvis, even Jesus is a Capricorn, so I need to stop worrying about bad birthdays and concentrate on having good ones.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Blog – Lets turn my luck around!

  1. Well I am wishing you a wonderful birthday and 2012!! This is a special Year and I feel New Years Resolutions spoke in truth and from the heart will defo. come into fruition this year, so start as you mean to go on.
    Think positive and believe in what you say! 😉 Sending lots of love and good vibes your way!

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