Haunting the Dogs

I saw lots of ghosts in my younger days. My young cousin, who had died of leukemia was the first. Next I felt, rather than saw, the ‘Green Lady’, in a local castle. My granddad actually visited my bedroom after he committed suicide which was a surprise as we weren’t that close. These visitations did not scare me, I became used to them and accepted them as part of my life. ‘The Green Lady’ was the only visitation that made me feel threatened, but I think it’s because she died a tragic death.

After I was married in 1977 I experienced a different type of haunting. It was something I couldn’t see and it affected those around me, including animals.

If you read my last blog you will know that things started happening in our house. Our cat  started acting strangely and saw things we could not. She made strange noises and would hide whenever she got the chance. What happened with the neighbors dogs was a little more obvious.

I hosted a girls night at my house and invited my neighbors. After a couple of drinks, one of them asked me if I knew our house was haunted.

“What”I asked surprised.

I wasn’t surprised the house was haunted, but surprised that she knew about it. She went on to tell me that her dog would not pass our house without making her cross to the other side of the road. It was obviously terrified.

I asked her over for coffee the following day, inviting her to bring her dog too.

She came reluctantly, but didn’t stay long. She had to carry her dog into our house and it sat on her lap, terrified, for the whole visit.

I had to make sure it wasn’t something that only happened to her pet, so I invited another friend to bring her puppy. Again the puppy had to be carried into our house. This animal hid under the chair and whimpered for the whole visit.

I didn’t invite anyone else, not wanting any other dogs to suffer. My husband joked about it and said that it was our kitten scaring the dogs. We both knew different. We had attracted a ghost. We just needed to find out who it was.

I have written two short stories based on my life, visitations and premonitions. They are both available on Amazon in print and as E-books:

My novel ‘Dead of July’ will be available in the late Spring.  



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