The Argument!

I got married in 1977 and the haunting started soon after. Lots of things happened, which I thought were attached to my husband. Some of them saved his life, but I will talk about those in another blog. This one is about ‘The Argument’

We had been married a year or less, and lived in Dorset. A beautiful county steeped in History.

We loved living there, but being newly married and young, there was obviously the odd argument. I can’t remember what we argued about on this particular night, but we went to bed without making up. This is never a good thing, and something I hate doing. On this particular night it was indeed a bad idea.

As we laid in bed we heard things move about downstairs, and then pictures fall off the wall one by one.

Back in those days there was no heating in our bedroom and the cold room felt icy. We hid under the covers of course.

We may have stayed in bed without moving until morning if it wasn’t for our black cat. Yes, my new husband agreed to let me have a cat. I know he regretted it later as he and the cat did NOT get along and tormented each other in all sorts of ways, but that’s a story for another blog too.

As we snuggled together under the bed covers a little afraid, and wondering what was going on downstairs, we heard another noise. It sounded like a child shouting “mamma, mamma” and it was coming from the top of the stairs.

We didn’t know if we needed to run because some Devil Child was coming to get us, or get on our knees and pray.

Cautiously we got out of bed and crept across the room to see where the noise was coming from.

There at the top of the stairs was our Black Manx Cat. It’s eyes were huge and crazy and were fixed on something at the bottom of the stairs. It was making a noise I had never head a cat make before “mamma, mamma”.

Our cat ran and hid under the bed, the way cats do, leaving my husband and I to go downstairs and tackle what ever was there.

We switched on every light in the house and walked from room to room. There was no-one to be seen, but the damage was done. Several photos had slid down from the wall and onto the floor.

My husband’s mother died when he was young, and I wondered if she was with us and maybe watching out for him. She may have been warning me to be nice to her son. Who knows? I will let you judge for yourselves as I share more of these stories with you.

 I have published two short stories which you can read as e-books or in print by going to the links below.

Watch out for ‘Dead of July’ my first full length novel – Coming Soon.


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