BFBS – British Forces Broadcasting Service – Dead of July

I had never heard of the British Forces Broadcasting Service until my husband was posted to Dortmund, Germany in 1982.

When we first moved there we had to live with a friend as there were no available army quarters. On my second night in Dortmund I got drunk as a skunk. It wasn’t all my fault. I blame a certain Staff Sargeant (who will remain nameless), but I mixed red wine and white wine, which I know better than to do now. I was having the time of my life as  I was 25 and  it was the first time I had lived in a foreign country.

I tried them all

When I was eventually persuaded I should not drink anymore, we left the bar and my husband drove me to the apartment we would be staying in with his friend. I did a good job of acting sober (at least I thought I did) and after being introduced to Bob and Gisela (not their real names) I went to bed and passed out.

When I awoke the next morning my husband was gone, he was playing football. I was left at the mercy of Gisela, who may not have realized how drunk I was the night before, but she certainly did in the morning. I could barely see, my hangover was so bad. I only threw up once though (at first).

I think Gisela decided to punish me and for lunch made me a plate of spinach and potatoes. Imagine trying to eat that when you are hung over!!

Not a hangover cure!

It had the desired effect and she gave me a smug smile as I ran to the bathroom and parted company with this horrific food. When I could safely get off my knees I went back into the livingroom where she was watching German television. I was truly being punished. I had no idea what these loud people were talking about. My head was pounding and I was miserable. At that point her husband returned home (my hero) and immediately changes channels to something called BFBS. He looked at me and smiled “a little big of England for you love”. His wife went into the kitchen and made him something to eat and I sat and watched the wonderful programming provided by BFBS. It became my life line whilst living in Germany. As my German was not good, BFBS kept me in touch with the rest of the World.

To download and read my two short storied, click on the links below. ‘Girl on the Beach’ is currently free in France and the US and $0.99 (around eighty-six pence) everywhere else. ‘Guy at the Bar’ is $0.99. My upcoming novel Dead of July is set in Dortmund in 1982 and will be available sometime in the Spring. This story is about the adventures of a young Army wife in Dortmund in 1982. I think you will enjoy it.


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