German Ghost Story – Dead of July

Evil Viktor

It’s been a while since I posted an update on ‘Dead of July’ my German Ghost Story. It has not faded into the background. It is still very much alive and almost finished.

Sheila is in a very bad place right now and needs all of her sense of humor and courage to pull through.



Sheila had just been scared badly by an innocent young soldier who unfortunately had a Russian look about him.  She managed to laugh about it, but realized she needed help. She decided to talk to the Military Police. It was a step in the right direction.

One of the young MP’s I had just served pulled a chair out for me and then went and sat behind his desk.  I told him that for the last couple of days, a man who looked Russian, and smelled bad (yes this made him laugh) had been following me. I didn’t go into details, but told him that a friend of mine (slight lie) had been dating this man, and although I had never met him, I knew he was bad news and I helped her get out-of-town and away from him for good.

Corporal Bradley (the young MP) listened to me and took notes. He knew that the van hand been vandalized earlier in the week, and thought there was probably a connection. It certainly gave my story more credibility. He said he hadn’t seen anyone on camp, that fit the description of my Evil Cossack, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t lurking around somewhere, staying out of sight. He asked me when I would be making the next tea and sandwich delivery and I told him not until Monday. We agreed that on Monday, I would stop off at the MP HQ and one of the Military Police vehicles would follow me around camp, keeping his distance, so as not to be noticed, but close enough to apprehend this smelly thug if he showed up again.

I felt better knowing they were taking me seriously. For a while we made small talk and chatted about the upcoming World Cup games. Corporal Bradley followed me back to my van for another doughnut and cuppa, on the house of course.  I felt a little now, sharing a problem always made me feel better, but sharing a problem with the Military Police meant I could be well on the way to getting the situation resolved. Hopefully with the help of the Military Police, I would be able to determine if I was dealing with the Russian Mafia, a nasty individual or a mischievous spirit. The Russian Mafia may be more dangerous, but at least I would get help with them, the latter was something I would have to deal with on my own.  Oh well, nothing I hadn’t dealt with before, although, this particular spirit was a little more persistent and may require the church to intervene. Could I ask a priest to help me when I didn’t even go to church? Of course I could. I am sure an Army Chaplain would enjoy the challenge.

My first two short stories are available on Amazon as e-books and in print. ‘Dead of July’ will be available in the spring.


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