Blogging for my Mother at Christmas – Miss you mum!

As a budding published Author with a full-time job and a passion for cooking and wine, Christmas is the hardest time to blog!

So I am giving you all a photographic excuse as to why I can’t.

Mince Pies

I have a pan on the stove with two Cornish hens simmering away ready to make soup. Next to it is a pan of beans, bubbling happily before being added to the hens. I have fresh veggies to prepare.

I have scones and mince pies to bake. Why do I do all of this instead of buying them? Because for the week before Christmas and the week after, I feel very close to my mother. Her birthday was on December 26th (Boxing Day).

She cooked incredible and traditional English fare.  I miss the smell of Christmas in my mother’s house as she passed away some years ago. I am keeping up her tradition.

It’s hard to concentrate on writing and blogging with so much to do, so I will continue when I can, but for now…..I am thinking of my mum!

If you have time, check out my short ghost stories below. They are a tribute to my mum and dad, who are no longer with me. Have a Merry Christmas.


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2 thoughts on “Blogging for my Mother at Christmas – Miss you mum!

  1. Oh my gosh, those look delicious!

    You’ve probably heard the big news by now, but Kim Jong Il is dead. I don’t usually write about anything other than my creative work on my blog, but I felt like this was important enough to write about, especially because some of my friends don’t know much about North and South Korea.

  2. I was surprised to read about the death of Kim Jong Ii. It will be interesting to see how things pan out now. A new leader! I thought at one time he was grooming his son for the position, but I haven’t heard anything. I have been at work all day, but will be watching it with interest. We live in very interesting times.

    Have a fantastic Christmas young lady.

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