Traveling through life

December 6th, 2011.

I am sitting in front of a nice log fire. The house is decorated for Christmas. The trees outside bear Christmas lights, made more majestic by the snow! I sit here and think about my life, how it has been and how it is now. I am a very lucky person.

From a very young age I wanted to write books, it didn’t happen.

Now, at the young age of 54 I am realizing my ambitions. I have written and published two short stories, which aren’t best sellers, but they are doing OK for my first two books.

I have had several reviews on Amazon some good and some not so good. The good reviews really ‘get’ my stories. They are about a little girl who grew up alone with her mother. A little girl who had premonitions and saw ghosts.

I am grateful for the good reviews, and I learn from the bad ones.

I have traveled to many places, some of them without even leaving my own home. Right now, I am in the place I need to be. A place that allows me to write.

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If you have dreams and ambitions, follow them now. It’s never too early and its never too late.



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