Ghostboarder – The End!

Mel felt like she was drifting in and out of consciousness. She wasn’t scared anymore and she felt no more pain. She lay on her board allowing herself to slide down the mountain.

She opened her eyes to look for the solitary snow boarder and he was always there,  just ahead of her, weaving his way through the night with incredible grace. She wanted to board like him someday.

Her eyes closed with exhaustion, but the motion of her board continued.

She had no sense of time, or of where she was, but it seemed to get lighter, she daren’t open her eyes now because she didn’t want to ‘go into the light’. She knew that meant she had left this world and she wasn’t ready for that yet, so her eyes remained tightly closed.

Her board was still now and she felt herself being lifted up. She could hear voices, they sounded too real to be heavenly so she did open her eyes.

Still only half conscious Mel saw she was no longer on her treasured board. Instead she was on a sled and was being pulled along by the men with ‘Ski Patrol’ written on the back of their jackets.

She looked around for the lone boarder, but he was gone. She knew she was safe now.

The next time Mel opened her eyes she was in a bed in a warm room. Her parents were sitting by the window talking in hushed voices.

Standing by her bed was a young man, probably in his early twenties. He was still wearing his snowy boarding clothes. He clutched a Burton Snowboard, which still had snow and ice clinging to it. Mel managed to smile at him and he smiled back. He then turned around to leave, not using the door, just fading out of existence. This was the lone snowboarder who had saved her life.

She didn’t move for a while, not feeling ready to talk to her parents. She thought about the young man who has saved her life, and knew when she was feeling better, she would try to find out who he was. She had a lot to thank him for and felt sure she wasn’t the only one he had guided to safety. She was grateful!



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