Ghost Boarder (Part 2)

Mel’s knee hurt badly, but pain helped her stay focused, otherwise she may have drifted back to sleep. She had a feeling she was not alone, but couldn’t see anyone. No one else would be on the mountain now. It was dark and she was off the regular run, lost in the trees. The trees were too close together for even the best snowboarder to tackle.

She looked around her again. It was hard to decide which direction to go. Downhill would be easier, but she didn’t know what was below her. She had fallen from above, but it was going to be hard to get back up to the ski run. She tried it anyway. She pushed herself up slowly, backwards. She was going to leave her snowboard as it was hard to drag it with her. After going only a few feet she stopped. She felt a presence again. Moonlight shone through the cloud onto her board. It glistened with frost and snowflakes. She couldn’t leave it. It was her new K2 board, purple, pink and very pretty. She got it for Christmas.

She inched back down to where her board lay in the snow and grabbed one of the bindings. She pulled it up alongside her. She was very cold now, and hungry. She fumbled in her pocket, not daring to take a glove off her already freezing hand, and found a granola bar. She ate half of it and then put the other half away for later.

She continued pushing herself up the mountain with her good leg and one arm, holding firmly onto her board with her other arm. Mel’s progress was slow, but she was making progress. She started to get tired and stopped to rest. She closed her eyes again.

“Wake up, wake up” she heard her mother’s voice and opened her eyes thinking she must be at home and this was a dream.

No, it was not a dream. She was very cold, frozen almost, sitting in deep snow, lost in the trees. The snow was easing up, but it was so darka now. She twisted her head around and looked behind her. She could see a light shining through the trees, what was it? It gave her renewed hope and she started pushing herself towards it.

Her left leg was stiff and cold and she couldn’t bend it, making her journey even harder. He boarding pants, normally baggy, were tight around that knee, she knew she had to get to the top of this hill quickly or she would never survive.

Just when she was ready to give up, she was bathed in light.

Mel thought maybe she had died and this was the light everyone told you to go to. She didn’t want to go into the light and gave one fast and frantic push with her good leg.

The push took her out of the trees and into the open.

She was on a deserted ski run. She was still at the top of the mountain, but at least if anyone was looking for her she had a better chance of being seen.

She was so tired and so very very cold.


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