Ghost Boarder (Part One)

Mel was tired and the snow was getting heavy. It was her last run of the day and it was the last day of her trip to Colorado.

She rode her board well, but she had ridden long and hard that day because she wouldn’t be back again until the following year. It was hard to see and there weren’t many people left on the mountain.

She set off down the mountain, enjoying the freedom and tranquility, but she was going too fast for the conditions. She wasn’t likely to run into anyone as the top of the mountain was deserted now. She sped down the mountain until she caught and edge and lost control.

Mel tumbled out of control, off the groomed sloped and into the trees. She seemed to tumble forever and banged her head as she rolled. She came to a halt, but felt a sharp jolt of pain in her knee when she tried to stand so she sat back down again.

She was scared now! She could hear nothing around her, but the howling of the wind. The snow was coming down hard and fast and she was starting to feel very cold.

Above her Mel could see the edge of the run she been gliding down, but only just. She attempted to drag herself up through the trees, but didn’t get further than a few yards, the snow was too deep and her knee hurt too much.

“Take your board off” a voice said.

Did that voice come from within her head? It sounded crystal clear.

Mel struggled with cold fingers and managed to unfasten her bindings. She took her feet out of them, trying not to twist her throbbing knee. She used a tree branch to pull herself back upright and used the board to support herself. She was in pain and once again attempted to make her way through the trees.

She was making good progress until she put her food down too hard, jarring her knee again. The pain was too much.

She fainted!

She may have lay there for a long time, or even forever if the cold took her, but she didn’t. A ball of light danced around her face, shining in her eyes. “Wake up Mel, wake up. This is no place to sleep”

Mel opened her eyes “Hello, who’s that? Please help me” she said weakly!

Read the second part of this story tomorrow. 

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