‘Dead of July’ Germany/Deutschland – Where are you?

Germany/Deutschland you are the only ones not embracing my blog! The Brits are reading it! The French are reading it. The Americans are reading it. What happened to my German friends? My next story is set in Dortmund so come one…..visit me. I want your feedback!



I packed everything away on my van, tedious but necessary, as I didn’t want tea and sandwiches all over the floor when I pulled away.  I felt a little better now, but decided to stop off and talk to the Military Police anyway. As I parked next to the Green MP van, a couple of guys came bustling out of the door, thinking I had stopped to give them refreshments, so I opened the side of my van again, never missing the opportunity to sell something.

Sophie would be proud of me!

After serving these guys with tea and doughnuts, I asked them if I could come in and talk to them. I locked my van and dropped the keys in my pocket this time, not wanting a repetition of this morning’s fiasco.  Before entering the building, I looked back to make sure no one was lurking, waiting for me to leave so they could do their mischief.  I had about enough of this whole situation and really felt angry rather than afraid at that point.  I didn’t feel like anyone wanted to harm me, only scare me, but it was irritating and exhausting and I wanted to put an end to it.

Evil Viktor

I could only assume it was either the nasty twisted Viktor following me and making my life difficult because I had helped Anna escape, or it was some mischievous spirit tied to him, that had decided to latch on to me.  I was hoping, that with the help of the Military Police, I could either confirm, or eliminate the Viktor option, the latter I would keep to myself until I figured out what to do.

Most people would not believe that I thought I was getting harassed by someone from beyond the grave, but by the time I was twenty-five, I had dealt with these little episodes so often that it didn’t really bother me and it certainly didn’t scare me.  I just needed to know what I was dealing with, and how to handle it. If it were a real live person, I would hand the problem over to the military police. If it was from beyond the grave, I would have to sit down with Les and figure out what to do.

This may be one of those situations where I had to involve a priest.

I am looking forward to a Spring release for my book ‘Dead of July’. Before that happens I would love to hear from some of my German friends. Read and review please.

To read my two short stories ‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ go to the links below and download them from Amazon. Read about the Ghosts that have been pestering me since I was very young.

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