We bought a lovely new car a couple of weeks ago, and as always when something is new, you wash it by hand and take special care of it. This is exactly what I did yesterday. It looked so nice when I finished that I took some photos. I got a little more than I bargained for.

Take a look and tell me if you see three orbs too? One is directly above the car in the tree.

The other is a little lower and to the left, you only see half of that one.

The third is on the bottom right hand side of the photo and again you only see half of it!

Are these orbs?

What caused them? The camera was not wet. It wasn’t raining. I know there was no mark on the lens, as I took several photographs and this one is the only one that captured these perfectly clear balls of light.

I have only ever seen this in a photo before, and that was in Rome.

I am not saying these are definitely paranormal energy orbs. I don’t know enough about this phenomenon, but I can’t explain them any other way.

Just thought I would share for all of those people out there who have had a similar experience.

Would love some feedback.

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