Midwayers or Guardian Angels?

Below is a link to a blog I posted a month or so ago my little electrical disaster. Three electrical appliances broke (two of them destroyed) within a few minutes of each other. You can read the blog if you wish.


The reason I am talking about this is because for some reason, no clue how I got there, I started reading about Midwayers. Ever heard of them? If not read the paragraph below. If you need to know more about them Google Midwayers.

Midwayers are present on most material planets, being related to the mortals on that planet, but immortal and invisible to the mortal creatures. They are dedicated to the service of their mortal cousins until the planet attains an enlightened status, after which they are released to continue on to other realms.

Some believe the Midwayers are responsible for these

Since I was very young I have been sensitive to many things I can’t explain. Nothing scary, I just ‘feel’ something.  I have felt protected in many situations. On the rare occasions I have had readings, I have always been told there are many angels looking out for me. I do feel that way sometimes, and as I recall more situations, I will reveal them to you. Why did I bring up the electrical mishap blog?

In one article I read, it said that in an effort to attract your attention, the Midwayers will play with anything electrical.

I have had issues with electrical appliances my whole life. Around a year ago I had a similar issue, where three electrical appliances all failed at the same time. Watches have a problem with me too, and often stop as soon as I put them on.

I am going to research the Midwayers a little more, if indeed they do exist, it will explain many previously unexplainable events throughout my life.

You will be hearing more from me on this subject. My research has JUST begun. I would love to know if anyone out there has had any experiences with these beings!

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3 thoughts on “Midwayers or Guardian Angels?

  1. hello ,
    i do not know that i had the direct experience but i feel there is some one with me. i see double digits.
    once i was siting in lawn i was totally lost , i had give up all hope of any life at that point i felt some touched me , hugged me close , and i know entity with me is an mature male entity.
    i see dreams , alot of dream with creator who do not talk give massage through brain ways. i see dream that have major system.
    i too much drawn to occult sciences and philosophy so , all this is there are entities that attract you and put you on right track or they protect , i may be not exactly scientific here but this is what i have seen felt

  2. It sounds like someone is watching over you. Sometimes I know someone is watching over me and keeping me on the right path. Embrace it, it makes you special.

    It’s good to have a Guardian Angel, or entity with you. Maybe it is someone from your family that died, but still feels tied to you.

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