Fate – Destiny and Guardian Angels

Do you hear people talk about fate and destiny?     I do and I believe it.

“Things happen for a reason” I believe they do.

“Deja Vu” Ever experienced that?  I think we all have. Someone explained that to me by saying that images registered in my brain before my eyes saw them…..don’t belive it.

I began having my premonitions when I was about seven years old. They came by day and by night. They scared me at first, but not anymore. Now I just go with them and believe in myself.

I am surrounded by Guardian Angels. I think they are people who couldn’t protect and look after me when they were alive. I am glad they are there and I hope they stay for a long time.

Read my short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ to learn about my Guardian Angel or Follow me on Facebook

Girl on the Beach (UK) (eighty-six pence)

Girl on the Beach (US) (free)


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