Germany – Deutschland – Dead of July.

Deutschland, Germany, was my home from 1982 until 1985. It was still known as West Germany  back then.

The Berlin wall was still firmly in place.

I was in my mid twenties and life was good.

My story ‘Dead of July’ is based on events that actually happened to me when I lived in Germany. The characters are based on people I knew.  It is a ghost story with a twist and is my first full length novel. I will be posting the first couple of chapters for free on Amazon early next year.

Evil Russian

I want you to remember this face as the ‘Evil Cossack’. His name is Viktor. Viktor and his evil brother make life impossible for a couple of young girls. Young and very frightened girls. To find out more, Follow me on Facebook or follow this blog.

The release date for ‘Dead of July’ will be Spring of 2012. I am taking pre-orders.

My first two short stories are available on Amazon and can be downloaded from the following links.

These books are my introduction to writing, and I will most likely re-publish them in a collection of my stories at a later date. I have received some great reviews, which encouraged me to keep going. I hope you enjoy them.


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