A Ghost Story for Halloween

They went from door to door in their neighborhood, huge bags bulging with candy. It was a poor turn out for Halloween, cold and wet!

A lonely child stood on the corner looking pale and tired. His bag was empty. Lisa and Holly stopped as they passed him. “Come with us” they said “We will help fill your bag with candy”.

He smiled but said nothing as he followed them to the front door of the next house. “Trick or Treat” they shouted as the door opened. They held out their bags and said thank you for the candy. The little boy was behind them, hiding in the shadows.

“Come on, you will never get any candy that way”

Trick or Treat

He followed them to the next house. There were no Halloween decorations here, it was quiet. The door opened slowly and a women came out and gave them their treats, smiling through her tears.

It was an awkward moment. No one moved, no one except the little boy.

“Mom its me, its Angelo. Mom why can’t you see me?”

Lisa and Holly were unable to move. They watched the little boy walk into the house unseen by his grieving mother.

“I’m sorry” the young woman said “I used to have a son, he loved Halloween. He is with the angels now”

“No” Holly said “I think he is standing right beside you. Just turn around and look”

She turned around in a full circle, and then turned back again with a hurt look on her face and slammed the door. Lisa put her arm around Holly’s shoulders. “I think we have enough treats now, let’s go home”

To read my two short stories click on the following links. 


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