How many times have  you walked upstairs to go to bed after switching off the lights? The house is in complete darkness. You get half way up the stairs and start to panic. You get goosebumps and feel like there is someone or something behind you and rush up the last few steps to get into the bedroom and put the light on. The top of the stairs seem an awful long way when you are scared.

This has happened to me so many times I have lost count. I get the shivers and it feels like I will never reach the light switch.

What if you reached out for the light switch and you hand was snatched away from it by something unseen?

What is something brushed past you, touching your skin?

What if you reached out for the light switch and your hand touched something else, something you were afraid of. A tarantula or a clammy invisible face.?

What if your worst nightmare played out and you never got to switch the light on at all?

How vivid is your imagination?  How badly can you scare yourself?

Switch off all of the lights now and give it a try.

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2 thoughts on “Spooked!

  1. ooh like it!! but of course becareful you dont trip on a ghostly armchair!! lol..

    Seriously, I believe the dark heightens your senses, so you are more aware, and it silences the mind in that you are not sidetracked by tv, books, all you are aware of is the noises, movement, feelings that are usually drowned out by a cluttered noisey day.
    Mediums(Clairvoyants) communicate with Spirit by cutting out all distractions and raising their vibration to a different level- which heightens their awareness to the vibrations that put them in a similar wavelength to where they can meet with Spirit(Ghosts) I say Spirit because I am a Psychic/Medium but understand we all use different terminologies.
    So all curious peeps. out there, put out the lights and let your senses heighten, feel an incredible light glow bright inside you and try not to be afraid. I might be a Medium but I am still scared of the dark..the unknown!! and hate spiders!! in the light and especially the dark!!
    I have witnessed quite alot and experienced so much more, like my Aunty here… it does run in families!
    So if you tell me your experiences, maybe I will tell you mine!!??… but you might never put the light off again!!??
    By the way…..Happy Halloween!!! 😉

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