Dead of July – an overview

Dead of July – A German Ghost Story – 1982 – Dortmund

First Novel

It’s time to settle down and finish my novel. I am on my second edit. There isn’t much that needs changing, but editing it twice is helping me put together the perfect ending. Endings are hard and I have read many books by renowned authors that have weak endings. My novel is not going to follow that path (I hope). If it takes two more years to finish so be it because I don’t want to disappoint you.

World Cup 1982

My novel, set in Germany in 1982, is about an ‘army wife’ who got herself mixed up in something that turned deadly. I don’t want to give too many details away, but it involves World Cup Football (soccer if you are an American) and Evil Russians as well as all the other characters you would expect to find on a British Army Camp in Germany. I want this novel to make you laugh and cry as well as hold your breath.

I am not sure when my novel will be finished, but hopefully later this year or early 2012. Good things take time.

I will update my website page, as well as my blog and Facebook page, with snippets of my novel. I will also post photos of the area in which it is set. This may require a trip to Germany! What a wonderful idea!

My first two book were published earlier this year. They are short stories about a girl trying to come to terms with premonitions and visitations she could not control. You can download ‘Girl on the Beach’ for free from Girl on the Beach (US) . ‘Guy at the Bar’ is available from Guy at the Bar Amazon for $0.99.  Amazon UK charges around eighty-six pence for these books. Hard copies can be purchased from by website Words from beyond.  Happy Reading!


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