What happened in 1963? Sheila’s Story


Doctor Who aired for the first time at 5:15 pm (GMT) on 23 November 1963, on British television (BBC television).

The initial broadcast was interrupted by the breaking newsof the November 22 assassination of US President John F Kennedy.

Sheila definitely remembered Doctor Who. It scared her half to death. She was even more terrified when she heard an American President had been killed. She thought Doctor Who was responsible. 

Sheila didn’t want to watch Doctor Who anymore and left the living room to go upstairs to the sanctuary of her bedroom where she could read and block out the horrible news. There was a large window at the bottom of the stairs, a window that looked out onto the green at the back of her house. She stood looking out of the window mesmerized by the scene that was being played out. 

There was a big black car parked on the green. It was a scary looking car and she knew the wooden box inside was a coffin. The lady who lived in the next house was standing by the car crying. Her name was Mrs. Angus. Her husband had died and she was crying because he was in the coffin in the back of the hearse. 

Sheila was very sad. She liked Mr. Angus, he was a very kind man. He hadn’t looked like he was going to die, but she knew he was old. Sheila would sit and talk to Mr. Augus. He moved very slowly, but all old people moved slowly. Sheila wanted to cry! She would miss him. 

From that day on Sheila blamed Doctor Who for the death of Mr. Angus and the American President. She would watch Doctor Who occasionally after that, but never really liked it because it brought back so many bad memories. 

Sheila never forgot Mr. Angus, and often felt he was still around. Maybe it was wishful thinking because she wanted him to still be around. Or maybe he was really there, sometimes she even smelled his pipe.

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