Dead of July – the story continues!

Sheila is being tormented by a mischevious spirit. Who is he and why is he tormenting her? She knows he must be tied to the dangerous Russian man she recently crossed paths with. How far was he going to go? Did he just want to scare her? Could he really want to harm her?

He was looking for revenge.

Why was this Evil Spirit bothering me? What had I done? Was he something manifested by Viktor? Normally my visitations came without

warning, stayed with me briefly and then went on their way. I never had time to think about them, or be scared by them.  This was different! I really wished I had some contact information for Anna because I knew this was connected to her. As far as I knew Viktor was alive, but my current visitor certainly was not. It had to be connected to Viktor though, or conjured up by him. I didn’t know how to handle a real haunting, a nasty haunting. What should I do? What could I do? I couldn’t talk to anyone about this other than Les. People would think I was crazy.

I was working myself into a real frenzy, so I had to sit and rationalize things. Viktor was alive and he must be furious because he had lost his little slave. Now he had decided to make me suffer. He was terrorizing me. He had found where I lived, and therefore he could easily find out where I worked.  I couldn’t explain the happenings of the previous night. He could not have smashed the glasses in my kitchen, or been in my spare room, or could he? If this was Viktor, it seemed to me he was very sly, and determined to make me suffer.  I had to catch him red handed in one of his nasty little plots and show people what he was doing to me and to my van.  He was trying to scare and intimidate me, and so far he was succeeding. I didn’t think the German authorities would help me much, but I could sure as hell get the Military Police involved while I was on their property. I would stop and talk to someone this morning as I left camp. I was getting mad. The smell faded during the time I talked myself into being angry instead of scared. Strong Russian Cigarettes

By the time I pulled away, I was as mad as hell. This man who had ruined Anna’s life for so long was not going to do the same to me. I was no match for him, but I would put up a fight and involve who ever I could to help me. I was now getting unduly angry, almost like a switch had been turned on in my brain, ‘press for anger’. OK, deep breath’s, calm down!!!  By the time I drove onto the big parade ground I was feeling better. I felt a little unsettled though! My mood had swung from happy, to scared, to angry, to furious and back to normal again in the space of about fifteen minutes. Couldn’t blame this one on PMS, not that time of the month! I was so confused though, I had to believe this was Viktor, but how could he be haunting me if he wasn’t dead? It wasn’t yet noon, but I would have really loved a glass of wine.

I had barely stopped my van when a long line formed. The very first guy was a complete stranger to me, short, stocky and Russian. I fainted!

I hope you are enjoying the adventures of Sheila, the slightly ‘odd’ young girl who is pursued by adventures, visitations and promonitions. If you would like to read more check out my short stories from the links below. ‘Girl on the Beach’ is free to download from Amazon and ‘Guy at the Bar’ is $0.99.


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