Crop Circles

Fascinating design

From around 1977 to 1982, I lived in Dorset. I LOVED Dorset. If I ever moved back to England that’s where I would live. It has special memories for me because it was my first home as a newly wed, so it was exciting and new. We explored the area, first by bus as we had no car.

We made trips to Weymouth, Salisbury (which took us into Wiltshire), Bournemouth and other fascinating places in the area. We lived in Blandford, which was also a lovely little town. The people of Dorset were some of the nicest I have ever met and I am very sorry that I am not really in touch with them anymore.

Once we got a car our trips were endless and we never tired of the area. The one thing that fascinated me about the south of England were the Crop Circles.They appeared overnight. What could make these elaborate designs in the corn?

I have seen these in other places in England, but Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire seemed to be the favorite areas. I had forgotten about these crop circles until recently and now, because I am me, I have to research them all over again.

If you are a crop circle expert, please feel free to comment. I may need to take a trip back to Dorset next year, just to see them all over again.

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Life is a mystery, lets enjoy it.


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