Missing Keys – ‘Dead of July’ A German Ghost Story!

Its 1982 and Sheila is in her early twenties and living in Germany. Actually, it was West Germany back then as the Berlin Wall was still firmly in place. Sheila was married to a British Soldier and loved her life as a Military wife. It was the year of Michael Jackson, the ‘King of Pop’,  ‘Tootsie’ won and academy award. It was a great year to be alive. Every thing was going just fine, until she was stalked by the Spirit of an Evil Russian. The Story Continues…..

Conan was born!

Yes 1982 was a good year to be alive!

The Girl is Mine

I drank my tea and then set off on my last run of the week.  It was a nice day, still early enough for it not to be too hot. The grass and trees were lovely and green from the rain we recently had.  I had my window open to drink in the lovely morning. My scare from the previous night was almost forgotten. I really needed to chill a little and get over what had happened with Anna and Viktor earlier in the week.  It was obviously making me jumpy, not a good combination for someone as highly strung and sensitive as I was. The guard waved me onto camp, and then waved me down. Now what was wrong, was I in trouble again, I hadn’t hit anyone with my van had I?  Once I took a corner too sharply and hit an army land rover, it was really embarrassing, but as usual, the REME boys fixed it!  The guard ran down to the window.

“Got any Cadbury’s Milk Tray?” he asked.

My van had everything

I laughed, “Yes as a matter of fact I do!” I told him.

I switched the engine off and opened the back doors so he could come around and get his chocolates.

“It’s our bloody Wedding Anniversary and I clean forgot. I can’t go home empty-handed can I now? If I she would have a headache every night for a week.” he said.

I laughed and pulled out my collection of Greeting cards.

“Maybe you should give her a card too, then she will know you definitely didn’t forget. How about a little heart on a chain to make it a really special day? Only fifteen marks”

The young guard beamed and took the chain, the chocolates and the card. A bargain for 25 marks total. He gave me his money and then asked if he could get a cup of tea.

“On the house” I said and handed him a cup.

He went back to his little guard post, happily looking at the chain he had just bought.  It was probably his first wedding anniversary as he only looked about fifteen.  Of course he had to be older than that, but not by much. I went back to the front of the van and sat down, only to find the keys gone from the ignition.  I could have sworn I hadn’t taken them out.  I had switched the engine off, but I know I left the keys dangling there.  I looked around the van to see if anyone was playing tricks with me, but there was no one in sight. I got up and searched the van, no keys. I checked my pockets, checked everywhere, where the heck were they? I jumped out of the back of my van and ran to the guard-room

“Hey, I didn’t accidentally put my van keys in the bag with your purchases did I?” I asked the little chap who had just bought the Anniversary gifts for his wife. He had the bag right there in front of him and emptied everything out.

“Not here love.” he said.

I walked back to the van feeling a little sad because the day had been going so well. I looked on the ground all around the van, even looked underneath, although I was sure that they couldn’t possibly be there. No luck, nothing. Dam! I climbed into van again and sat back down in the driver’s seat wondering what I should do. Wait a minute! The keys were back in the ignition, swinging wildly back and forth like someone had just put them there and then left in a hurry. I would have seen anyone who had been anywhere near the van so how could this happen? Then I smelled that awful smell, the one I started to think of as ‘Eau De Cossack’. No laughter this time, but I knew someone was playing tricks on me, and what was more, this someone was not alive. I could tell. If a real live person had been here either myself of the Guard would have seen him. Whoever had done this was invisible. I shivered! How was I going to sort this out?

Follow Sheila’s adventures in ‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ which are available to download for $0.99 on Amzon.com and ‘Smashwords’ by clicking on the links below:


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