Dead of July – The Fifa World Cup Final was approaching.

The annoying presence of the smelly Evil Cossack was certainly becoming a regular occurrence, but I couldn’t let it ruin the big event, which was rapidly approaching. The fight for the FIFA World Cup. Who would be the win the coveted trophy? Would it be West Germany? I certainly hoped not because Italy was my team!!!

1982 World Cup was held in Spain - the logo was everywhere.

Morning always comes too quickly. When I next opened my eyes the sun was shining through a crack in the curtains. I could smell coffee mixed with the fresh smell of soap from the shower.  I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee and sat at the table to drink it. The sun was blasting through the windows telling me it was going to be another hot day. I loved the summer. In the brightness of the new morning, I felt silly for being so scared the night before. I had let my imagination get the better of me as usual. I had Viktor on my mind and was worrying that he found out that I had helped Anna escape. It made me see him everywhere.  I needed to pull myself together and stop dwelling on it.

As soon as Les finished his morning shower I went and showered myself and got ready for work. We were riding to work together and I needed to get moving or we would be late. Luckily for me I could wear jeans to work, and I put on a t-shirt under my blue overall. I put my ‘face’ on while Les ate breakfast and in no time, I was ready to go. It was Friday at last and the weekend was looming happily ahead of me. As I got out of the car and wandered into camp, I saw my yellow van parked in its usual place, and looking as good as new, actually a little brighter than it usually did. I think the British Army didn’t specialize in yellow and a good deal of paint mixing was done to get anything that closely resembled the color it used to be. There was no denying that REME guys had done a good job, and quickly painted over the nasty graffiti. They were making sure I would be there making my rounds and delivering their morning and afternoon tea and sandwiches as usual. They were a good crowd, and made my dead-end job seem worthwhile. How many people could say they really enjoyed what they did every day. I think I was one of the very few. I knew it wasn’t a good career move for me, but it wouldn’t do me any harm to enjoy this stress-free job for a while. I was only 26 after all!

My yellow van wasn't half as nice as this.

I set about my morning task of making sandwiches and packing them into the back of my van, along with dough nuts (fat pills), tea, coffee, and on a Friday, boxes of chocolates, Black Magic being the favorite choice.  It seemed to be a Friday tradition for some of the boys to buy chocolates for their wives on a Friday night, probably in the hopes of getting ‘lucky’ over the weekend.  Once my truck was loaded I sat down with Isabelle and Viv and had a cup of tea.  We chatted about the coming weekend and the World Cup Final, which of course we would all be watching.  Saturday was pretty important too, as France and Poland played against each other for third and fourth position.  I wasn’t too worried about that game. I had decided to go into Dortmund shopping instead.  Les would probably get together with the guys to watch it. My next game was going to be the final between Germany and Italy. Viva Italia! I took great pleasure in annoying any German I came in contact with by letting them know I wanted Italy to win.  I hoped it didn’t come back to bite me!!!!  I know they would enjoy taunting me it in if Italy lost.  I couldn’t help it though.  It was way too much fun, watching them get flustered and angry because I had the audacity to live in Germany and cheer for Italy.

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