Dead of July – an end in sight?

This book started off being called ‘A Walk in the Park’ and was going to be another short story. I got a little carried away!

Paulo Rossi - Hero of the 1982 FiFA World Cup

Borzigplats - the location of 'Dead of July'

My vandalized van

I have now written over forty thousand words, which in a page count is around 120 pages, a lot longer than I intended it to be. The current word count puts me in ‘no mans land’ when it comes to publishing because it is shorter than a novel and longer than a novella.

I am not finished yet so I will make the ‘novel’ word count as I probably have at least another thirty thousand words to write. I am at a very crucial part of the story, where everything comes to a head. Sheila has been tormented by a dead Russian, and stalked by his very much ‘alive’ brother. The stalking becomes a real threat when he tries to run her down in broad daylight!


Enjoy some images I have been blogging relating to my novel.

If piques your interest, check out my two short stories. They are a little rough around the edges, but everyone has to start somewhere.  I think they are great value for $0.99. I think you will find them entertaining. They will also introduce you to Sheila, who has been in trouble with the living and the dead for as long as she can rmember. Each story is based on something that really happened.


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