DEAD OF JULY – A German Ghost Story

My little Guardian Angel made me feel safe.

In my last snippet of my 1982 Ghost Story you may remember that something was happening in the spare bedroom of our German apartment. We had an unwelcome and uninvited visitor. I watched as two glasses slid along my draining board and smashed in the sink. I screamed for Les, who was already on his way into the kitchen to see who was smashing glasses.

Les opened the door and put the light on, which was the sensible thing to do. 

I had not ventured past the doorway when I looked into the bedroom just moments earlier, nor had I put the light on.  There was nothing to see,  but it was extremely cold in there though. Les shivered too. The sunlight didn’t really penetrate that room because of the tall buildings close to it. Les looked under the bed, in the chest of drawers and found nothing out-of-place. He looked at me and shrugged. 

“You are just jumpy after your experience this afternoon” he said “There is nothing here”

I wasn’t convinced, but he was right, there was nothing to see.  It really did feel cold in there though and getting colder by the minute.  Les went and got into bed while I got myself ready.  I was awfully jumpy, and wished Les was with me in the bathroom. If only I wasn’t so highly strung.

I thought of Anna while I brushed my teeth and hoped she had made it safely back to her family and was beginning a new and normal life. I put the lights off and jumped into bed, still feeling a little scared. I snuggled up next to Les and actually, surprisingly, went to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep I saw the chubby face with the long blonde curls held back by pink ribbons. It was the little girl who had been visiting me since I was seven, usually in my dreams. Sometimes I got glimpses of her while I was awake too, she would be there at the edge of my vision, and then gone so quickly that it made me wonder if she had ever been there at all. I felt safe when she was around!

To read about my Guardian Angel in ‘Girl on the Beach’, or to read my other short story ‘Guy at the Bar’ check out the links below:


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